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57th All India Elocution Contest Rules & Regulations
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Ladies hostel selection list for the Academic session 2018-19 (2nd Selection)
Acharya 1st Yr. Second Waiting List of Adwaita Vedanta Deptt. for Admission 2018-19
Acharya 1st year selection list 2018-19 (Department of Advaita Vedanta)
Acharya 1st year selection list 2018-19 (Department of DharmaShastra)
Acharya 1st year selection list 2018-19 (Department of Jyotisha)
Acharya 1st year selection list 2018-19 (Department of Navya Vyakarana)
Acharya 1st year selection list 2018-19 (Department of Puranetihasa)
Acharya (MA) selection list 2018-19 (Department of Sahitya)
Acharya 1st year selection list 2018-19 (Department of Sankhyayog)
Acharya 1st year selection list 2018-19 (Department of Sarvadarshan)
All class teacher lest of the session 2018-19
Ladies hostel selection list for the Academic session 2018-19
Admission Notice for Acharya 1st year 2018-19
2nd Entrance test of Prak Shastri 1st year for the academic year 2018-19
Shastri 3rd selection of Shastri Entrance Examination 2018
Spot Admission of Prak-Shastri 1st Year 2018
Admission notice announcement 2018-19 Corrigendum Notice
Admission Notice Announcement 2018-19
Notification for online admission 2018-19
Result of LDC Examination
Prak-Shastri & Shastri Entrance Result 2018
In-service Training Programmer for TGT Sanskrit of KV (First Spell) From 21 May to 1 June (12) Days.
Notice for Entrance test of Prak-Shastri 1st year & Shastri 1st year
Notification for LDC Examination With Annex-1 & Final Candidate List
Quotation Call Notice for Tent
2nd,4th and 6th Semester Form Fill up Notice 2018
Revised Time Table for MSP-2018
Quotation call for AC
Quotation Call Notice of Magazine & Book
List of Eligible/ Provisionally Eligible/ Not Eligible Candidates for Written Examination of the Post : LDC
Annual Examination of Prak-shastri 1st & 2nd year and Sghiksha Shastri 1st & 2nd Year Time Table
Entrance Test Notification for B.Ed & M.Ed , Ph.D 2018
Rules of the 6 month course work for Ph.D
Notice for Online Examination Form 2017-18
LCRS Meeting will held on 14.10.2017 in our Campus
Course Work of Ph.D
State Level Sanskirt Elocution Contest Rules & Regulation
Ph.D. 6 month coursework
Notification for the post of Lower Division Clerk (L.D.C) 1. List of Eligible, 2. Provisionally Eligible, 3. Not Eligible candidates
Ph.D. Research Scholar Changed the Campus
Transfer of Research-Scholars in Our Campus
Pre-Ph.d Course Result 2016-17
Ph.d 6 month coursework
Applications are invited for two post of LDCs (UR-1 & ST-1) is here by extended upto 16.09.2017
Walk in Interview
Notice Inviting Tender/Bid for the Contract to Provide the Services of various outsourcing position
Cancelled tender on 15.06.2017 in 'The Samaja' news paper & fresh tender call notice for outsourcing
2nd Provisional Admission in Shastri 1st Year 2017
2nd Selection of Prak- Shastri-1st Year 2017
Compartmental Examination date of Prak- shastri 2nd Year
Last date of admissions of Prak-shastri & Shastri 2017
Compartmental examination of Prak -shastri 1 & 2 year deposit their examination fee as per rule of the Sansthan
Advertisement of Lower Division Clerk
Selection Criteria and Scheme of Examination for the post of Lower Division Clerk
Application Form for Lower Division Clerk
Mukta Svadhyayapitha Online Admission Form
Prak-shastri admission to Vidyavaridhi courses
Admission Notice Announcement 2017-18
Prospectus 2017-18
List of Qualified Candidates in Entrance for admission into Shastri 1st Year 2017
List of Qualified Candidates in Entrance for admission into Prakshastri 1st Year 2017
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Performa of Mark-Sheet / Migration Certificate / Duplicate Certificate / Provisional Certificate
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MSP Examination Notice 2017
MSP Examination Time Table 2017
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PBAS Performa Notification Dated 22.03.2017 
PBAS Performa for Promotion under UGC 2013 
UGC Regulations 2013 
PBAS Profroma for Promotion under UGC 2016 
UGC Regulations 2016 
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B.Ed (Addl.Intake) Course of two Years Duration NCTE Recognition Letter 
Revised Annual Exam 2017 Time Table
Online Application For Shiksha Shastri (B.Ed), Shiksha Acharya (M.ed), Vidya Varidhi (Ph.d) 2017.
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Quotation Call Notice
Quotation Call Notice
Satabdi Mahotsav
Recognition Equivalence of Certificate Degree
Shiksha Shastri & M-Ed NCTE Recognition letter
Shiksha Shastri & Shiksha Acharya Papers 2016-17
Shiksha Shastri -2015-16 Affadavit
Quotation Call Notice
2nd List of Shiksha Shastri (B-Ed) 2016-17
CSSET Results-2016 Notification
1st List of Shiksha Shastri (B-Ed) 2016, Fess Structure, Admission Committee
List of Admitted Students 1st Year Shiksha Shastri 2016-17
Order of Teachers in Teaching Practices
Shiksha shatri Campus Transfer list 2016-17
Syllabus of Shiksha Shastri
Teaching Practice Order
Time Table of Shiksha Shastri 1st Year & Second Year 2016-17
M-Ed ( Shiksha Acharya) Time Table 1st Year & 2nd Year
M-Ed (Shiksha Acharya) 2nd ,3rd,4th Semester Papers
M-Ed (Shiksha-Acharya) 1 Year Results 2015-16
M-Ed (Shiksha Acharya) Admission Committee
M-Ed (Shiksha Acharya) Counselling for Admission List
Shiksha Acharya 1st Year Admitted Students List 2016-17
Shiksha Acharya 2nd Year Admitted Students List 2016-17
Shiksha Shastri 1st Year Admited List 2016-17
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Application Form for Scholarship 2016-17
General Information for Scholarship 2016-17
Terms & Conditions for applying the Scholarship 2016-17
Scheme for Development of Sanskrit Education.
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